Friday, May 27, 2016

Flowers Forever - and a FREE lock screen

I've started something every day called #20minutecreativity. I allow myself 20 minutes to create something just for fun. Today I wanted to play around with flowers from our garden and I found the perfect background with some fun wrapping paper I had stashed away. I think next time I'll draw flowers and add real ones in as well. 
I'm considering creating a monthly challenge so others can join along and share what they are creating each day. I'll be sure to share here when I do.
You can download this image to use as a fun lock screen by right clicking on it and saving.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happy Spring, Happy Birthday, Happy Sale!

I hope you've had a happy start to Spring! All things Spring have inspired me to create lots of happy, floral pieces. You can never have too many flowers, right?
Along with celebrating Spring today we are celebrating my 34th birthday! There are several new items in the shop like this print and these cards. Come shop around and use the code HAPPY34 for 34% off your order through today. This is one of #shop_penandpaint's biggest sales so don't miss the chance to celebrate with me!
As always thank you for your support. The opportunity to create and share my artwork and paper goods with y'all for another year is such a gift!
And now, let's eat cake!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Free Kid's Valentine Card Printable - You're a Cutie

Need a cute, quick Valentine idea? Well, I did ;) so I made these!
My boys love cuties (clementines) and puns, so this little Valentine will be perfect for them. Of course you can always throw in candy orange slices, Runts candy, Skittles, or any other sugary fruit treat since it is a sweet holiday.
You can print these here. They are sized at 4.25 x 5.5 inches and fit four to an 8.5 x 11 page. 
Please remember this is free for personal use only. It may not be altered, sold, redistributed or used for any purpose other than a free Valentine printable. Original Artwork by Lindsay Hopkins ©2012-present Pen & Paint - All rights reserved. Tag @pen_and_paint if you share and enjoy!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Free Valentine Coloring Page - Let Love Grow

Valentine's (and Galentine's) Day is almost here, so I've created a little Valentine for you! If you're looking for a sweet activity with your tween/teen girl or your girlfriends this is perfect.

This free Pen & Paint coloring page is ready to print, color, and display. You can download and use it to share the love or color yourself.

Print coloring page HERE.  Be sure to select "print to page". I recommend copy paper if you are using colored pencils or gel pens and card stock if you plan to use markers or watercolor paints. Please remember this coloring page is free for person use only. It may not be altered, sold, redistributed or used for any purpose other than a free coloring page. Original Artwork by Lindsay Hopkins ©2012-present Pen & Paint - All rights reserved. Tag @pen_and_paint if you share and enjoy!

Friday, February 5, 2016

looking forward to what lies ahead

Well hello 2016, just a month late. December and January flew by before I could blink. I have high hopes for a year filled with productivity and creativity. 
There are so many things I going on right now, and I want to make sure I keep you up to date!
  1. The Pen & Paint calendars are now on sale, you can save up to 25%! They are marked down in the shop.
  2. I had the privilege of creating a coloring book with Paige Tate Coloring. You can now buy Beauty in the Bible Volume 2 on Amazon. It contains 30 illustrated, uplifting Bible verses. Also, I hear there might be a second coloring book in the works filled with inspirational and encouraging quotes ;)
  3. I'm working on a new stationery line and gradually adding greeting cards to the shop (birthday, wedding, thank you, etc). Also be on the lookout for Pen & Paint in stores! I have spotted a few cards in Target and a favorite special grocer near you (yay!).
  4. Speaking of cards, today is the cut-off to make sure you receive you Valentine's Day cards. There are several sweet new designs!
  5. I have partnered with a wonderful group of artists and designers to offer artwork through Maker + Ink. Pen & Paint has five limited editions prints you can purchase there: Walk by FaithBe a LightHeaven & EarthMorning Sun, and Whatever is Lovely. You can save 20% on your order by shopping here and using the code HEART20.
  6. I'll have some free printables for blog readers and newsletter subscribers next week. 

I hope you are having a wonderful start to 2016!

Monday, November 30, 2015


My good friend Lesley asked me to host the sketch-a-day challenge for December. I'm excited to take time every day to draw some fun, festive sketches.

I also wanted to provide a list of my favorite drawing supplies (you can see all my favorite art supplies here), and give a few tips for participating.

My favorite sketch books are Strathmore. You can find them at your local art supply store or Amazon. Right now I really like using the 300 series  Sketch. The paper is smooth and a little on the thin side so it makes great for tracing if needed.

When I draw a sharp No. 2 pencil always does the trick with my big pink eraser. Faber-Castell pitt artist pens are my favorite. They were my first drawing pens, and I've been pleased with them for years. I use the F tip for most of my drawing, and then the 1.5 and the SB for my hand lettering. I also use a Sharpie sometimes or a Pentel brush pen from time to time. 

If you see a watercolor piece pop up in the challenge I'll probably be using my Winsor & Newton watercolor set.

For more info and links to these supplies you can read this post.

Below is the list of prompts for the sketch-a-day challenge. All you need to do is draw something inspired by the prompt, share about it on IG and use the #sketchaday_penandpaint tag. 
Keep in mind this is about having fun, so get creative
A few things:
-I always like to draw a rough sketch in pencil so I can get an idea of the direction I want to go. Something might look great in my mind, but when I get it on paper it doesn't work. 
-Use this challenged to on your hand-lettering or illustrating.
-Try new mediums and mix things up. 

I am so excited about this, and I can't wait to see what y'all create!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Business + Motherhood: Let's Make a List

For the past several weeks I’ve introduced y’all to some fellow business mamas, and now I thought we’d dive a little deeper into the topic of business and motherhood.
What I’ve gathered from these ladies and most other business women I know is that we do not do it all, and one of the biggest struggles we face is balancing time. I know for me I constantly feel like I do not have enough time to accomplish everything. Rather than become overwhelmed with what I need to get done, I’ve found having some kind of daily, weekly, monthly, and long term checklists work best for me.
So let’s get started on making lists. If you are signed up for the Pen & Paint newsletter you’ll even receive a free printable check list to download at the end of this week!
Let’s start with the big projects things that are constantly nagging you daily, distracting you from what you need to accomplish right now. My first suggestion is to do a total brain dump. Take a stack of notecards and write down all those things that you want to see happen in your business:  short or long term goals, ideas, and dreams. Then find a good spot in your office, studio, or workspace and tape them up. I chose the door to my studio so I can see them every day before I get to work. Some of the notecards are now checked off as completed, others may never happen. What’s great is I don’t get consumed with those because I know they are a “someday” task rather than a “right now” project. I adapted this from a wonderful idea Monica of Smart Creative Women suggested. (You can add “subscribe to her podcast” as one of your “right now” projects.)
Next up is the monthly project list. For this I use a calendar. I’m not a nice planner/day-book kind of girl. I want to be, but at the end of the day I just need a simple calendar where I can write out all the things I need to get done this month. I keep deadlines for design submissions, shipping dates for sponsored events, sale dates, and applicable social media stuff written there. Having written calendar helps me see things at a glance, and keeps me from getting distracted by email if I have it on my computer. Everyone is different though, so it’s all about what works best for you.
Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.

Lastly for my weekly and daily checklist I use a notebook. Every Sunday night I compile a list of that week’s projects, and every night I sit down and go over the things I need to accomplish the following day. Before starting my day I go over my list, I write down quotes or thoughts I need to focus on. There is rarely a day where I mark everything off my list, but instead of letting that discourage me, I just move it to the next day.
Even though I’ve been chaotically juggling running my own business for three years (six if you count when I first started on Etsy), I’m constantly learning as I go.  I just started reading this book. I’m enjoying a refresher course in building my business as well as finding areas I need to improve.  My weekly goal of reading a few sections of Building A Business is easy to do. One of the things I REALLY lack in is checking off my list is emails. It’s so hard to give emails/messages the attention I want to. That’s definitely an area I’ll be adding to the printable checklist; I need a daily reminder to set aside time for that task. What are some of the tasks you enjoy every day? What are the ones you struggle with? Any suggestions for the checklist that would help you?

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Sale!

Happy Fall y'all!
Use the code FALL20 for 20% off your #shop_penandpaint orders today through Sunday (10/16 - 10/18). 
This includes the new Pen & Paint calendars!

Shop HERE.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Business + Motherhood: She Does Justice

It's week five of the the Business + Motherhood series. We hope to encourage and inspire other business mamas giving a glimpse inside our work days and spaces.
Meet Megan of She Does Justice.
biz and motherhood sdj1.jpg
Hi I'm Megan. I am a lover of Jesus, a wife, a mother of 5, and a passionate entrepreneur. She Does Justice actually started as an adoption fundraiser when we were adopting our daughter from the Congo. I taught myself to sew and sold scarves to family and friends. We had NO clue that the Lord was going to grow our little fundraiser into the amazing community that He has. It is so obvious to us that SDJ is His business because we could never have done what He has done! We support organizations in the U.S. and across the globe that are working tirelessly to love the 'least of these'. I feel so lucky to be able to now give back to causes that are near to my heart and to encourage women to believe that they can make a difference!
1. How long have you been running your business? She Does Justice will turn 3 years old this November! 
2. What does a typical work day look like for you? Things are shifting and changing a lot right now with our recent cross-country move. My hubby works in the morning so I get our boys to school and homeschool our older girls in the mornings all while Eliza (our 1 year old) is either on my hip or sitting at my feet. ;) Once he is home around lunchtime I get to work! Most of the time I answer emails, get back to people on social media, and process orders. Right now I am in the midst of finalizing our holiday line which is fun! I am not sewing a ton right now but once we get our scarf fabric in then I will be sewing at least a couple of days a week to get those ready. Sewing is the most tedious part of my job but it's what got this whole thing started. :) 
3. What goals do you have for your business? Is this a hobby that you enjoy that earns income OR do you have big dreams and want to see this business grow? I never ever thought that this would even be a business! When we were fundraising I just thought our friends and family were so kind to even buy anything from me. As SDJ has grown the Lord has really given me a vision for what it could be. It has morphed from being a scarf shop to a community that rallies around causes that they are passionate about. I so badly hope that this community continues to grow and the amount that we are able to donate to the causes that we support continues to grow as well! 
4. What's one of your struggles with balancing business and motherhood? Seeking balance has been a big struggle for me! I personally think that balance is this mythical unicorn type creature. ha! But in all seriousness, I don't think we ever really feel truly 'balanced'. Seeking my perception of what balance is causes me to second guess myself or feel like I am never enough. I think that if we focus on the fact that we are doing the best we can and are doing our best to follow the Lord that we will feel at peace. And that's enough 'balance' for me. 

5. What is your response to "How does she do it?" My response is usually 'I don't!'! ha! I think that when you are a mom that works, especially if you work at home, you need to get creative with your time. It's not so much about sacrifices as it is prioritizing, in my opinion. Im not able to watch as much tv or have as much 'me' time as I would like but I am doing something that I am passionate about. I am so blessed to have a really supportive husband that is an equal partner with me around the house, with the kids, and in our business. I am so grateful for the opportunity to encourage women to make a difference in their lives! 
6. Do you have any tips for other business mamas or mamas who are considering opening a shop? If there is something on your heart to do that you are passionate about then I 100% say do it! I think that it can give you a creative outlet that can feed your soul and that by itself can make a huge difference in your life. Trust your gut, believe in your talents, and follow His lead because the Lord can work through you in amazing ways! 
You can connect with Megan and learn more about the causes She Does Justice supports (shop will be reopening late Oct/early Nov). Follow along on instagram @shedoesjustice and .

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Business + Motherhood: Maggie Whitley

It's week four of the the Business + Motherhood series. We hope to encourage and inspire other business mamas giving a glimpse inside our work days and spaces.
Ya'll meet Maggie. She's mama to Max and Natalie; she loves to create, encourage, and inspire. Maggie was actually one of the first friends I made in the handmade community in 2009. We have emailed, texted and chatted over the phone for the past 6, almost 7 years! She has been an amazing supporter of my business over the years, and I'm so grateful for her.
1. How long have you been running your business?  It's been seven years now that I first found Etsy and decided I wanted to come a handmade maker, selling sewn products and joining a community of makers. My first shop is called Gussy Sews and features ruffled zipped pouches and bags for women. Each product is filled with colorful and personality. My second shop is called Caroline-made, and is the big sister to Gussy Sews. While the products inside Caroline-made still featuring color, they are a little more modern and sophisticated in design.
Earlier this month I co-authored an ebook with Elise Blaha Cripe, and it's called Building a Business: how to dream, plan, make, sell and share your online shop. Since quitting my day job in May 2010, I've had such a passion for encouraging women to pursue the gifts they were born with, not just for themselves to enjoy, but so they can encourage their community to do the same. I've mentored many women over the years on the topics of blogging and business, and compiling all that I've learned about handmade into an ebook has been an amazing accomplishment. I'm very proud of this ebook.
2. What does a typical work day look like for you? My life today looks very different from seven years ago. My husband and I are currently living in Los Angeles with our two small children and dog. We live in a cozy apartment, and we are truly just so grateful to be pursuing our passions each day. Since becoming a mama in March 2013, I've given myself a lot of grace to change the way I run my businesses. As our family as grown I've tried all sorts of things: selling product and blogging full-time, offering a handmade subscription service where members receive a monthly product in the mail (The Gussy Club). I've also started a new business (Caroline-made), have stopped selling completely, and have pursued new opportunities, like my ebook.
All of that to say, a typical work day changes based on the season our family is in. I love being home with our children full-time, so that is my main focus. From there I make sure I'm able to pursuing creative hobbies and projects for myself, because doing these things keeps the "Maggie" in me alive and inspired. Aside from being a maker and a mama, I'm a wife and a friend. And to do any one of these roles well I need to be taking care of myself first.
Nap time is an easy way to sneak in some creative time, but if doing something to restore Maggie is what's best, then I'll either read or take a nap (or both!). Depending on the ages of my kids, I'm able to do a little work or hobby pursuing while they play independently for 20 minutes. I've learned over the years that often times 20 minutes is all it takes for me to really get inspired about a project. Often times the 20 minutes of time goes so well that I'm able to do another 10 or 20, which really adds up quickly. Think about all of the time we spend wishing and thinking we could "just start"? Instead of letting yourself go there, just start! Just do it! Try! Set a goal and see how far you can get at accomplishing it! :)
All of these things are easier for me because I'm not working on selling a handmade product. My time can be flexible, and it is. I can be slow with making. If I were in pursuit of working for consistent profit then I would need to re-evaluate my time. Maybe you are in that exact situation? Let me encourage you: the time is there if you need it to be badly enough. We need to choose HOW we spend our time, but in most cases I would say "anything is possible". Two things are needed to support that, though: one, knowing how much time you are spending doing unnecessary/unhelpful tasks; and two, deciding what tasks are most important, all while remembering the simple motto, "I can't do it all." Inspiration is all around you, don't you ever forget.
3. What goals do you have for your business? Is this a hobby that you enjoy that earns income OR do you have big dreams and want to see this business grow? My goal is to maintain balance with the gifts I've been given: my handmade businesses and opportunities, and my children. Any work I do must create an income/profit, otherwise it's just a hobby. Hobbies are important, too, but it's good to remember they are for personal enjoyment (and nothing else). When Elise and I co-authored our ebook, we spent nearly two years writing and preparing for the launch. This isn't to say every day of the last two years was spent on it, but as our families grew, we were flexible with our timeline. In the end, however, the word we put into our ebook is for-profit. Investing in something knowing it'll bear fruit later is a really rewarding experience. Sort of like parenting ;)
The dreams I have for my businesses are most likely things we'll be able to pursue once we are no longer living in Los Angeles. So stay tuned!
4. What's one of your struggles with balancing business and motherhood? This is such a great question. Here is my honest answer: knowing what my purpose is. So much of what we do day after day as parents is rewarded to us in the future. We teach our kids how to crawl, but it takes time for them to do it on their own. We teach them how to read by sitting with them for a couple of years, practicing every day. We give them endless love and encouragement, even when it seems they aren't listening.
The same goes for my business, but on a different level. I know I have been given gifts to use as work, but my heart is in mothering our children first. I've taken a step back from what work looked like for me pre-kids, but where does that leave me now? Working fulfills me, and it's like a companion to mothering. Doing both is where I find my joy, but how do I balance them individually?
I find a lot of comfort knowing it's OK to make a change. Sharing how I feel with my family so they can support me has been super helpful, but staying in community with other handmade entrepreneurs has given me a lot of "big picture" peace.
5. What is your response to "How does she do it?" I laugh a little and say, "I make mistakes, too." Sometimes I forget, or am late, or get overly-excited, or feel too tired. I'm not perfect, but I wasn't created to be perfect. I was created to share my gifts, to never stop trying, to be in community, to love well, and to be honest. 
My goal is to be transparent about all of this, often. Really, I'm just like you: a work in progress :)
6. Do you have any tips for other business mamas or mamas who are considering opening a shop? I sure do! If it's on your heart, and won't leave you, you need to pursue WHY. I do believe there are ways to do all the things that are most important, but the trick is knowing WHICH things are most important -- because they can't all be. Elise and I poured our hearts and experiences into Building a Business. We cover over 30 different topics, you can see the full table of contents here. Before you open a shop, it's important to know why you are starting. What is your purpose? What are your goals? What kind of an income do you want to make? What service are you offering? Find yourself a mentor who will encourage you, listen to you, and be the voice of reason when you need it. Then, just start!
You can get to know Maggie a little more over at and be sure to connect with her on Instagram @maggiewhitley and facebook.