Wednesday, October 28, 2009

♥ I heart art ♥ Dallas Shaw

I like pretty pictures.
I like pretty pictures by Dallas Shaw.

In college I took Art History...
it was before I ever really experimented with painting.  
I remember learning about different artists and time periods, 
but most of all I remember specific works of art and thinking,
"How did they do that?"  
I couldn't wrap my mind around how 
an artist could create such a beautiful painting.

Looking at Dallas Shaw's work gives me that same feeling...
how does she do that?


Meet Dallas Shaw...

"I do artwork for stylish clients in fashion and interior design! You won't find the custom canvases in [my] Etsy shop (only at But in [my shop] you can find the vintage collection - original acrylic paintings on vintage wallpaper!

They are perfect for any room and have been featured all over the web including Martha Stewart's Bluelines!

The piece of work the represent's me the most currently is this one:

I have been doing tons of fashion illustrations
for clients lately and this one is just so sweet.
A lot of times I get asked to do things that aren't 'me'.
But this one I love.

My most memorable moment as an artist -

I got to do this year's show at Charles Nolan's place in the meatpacking district. I am a huge fan of his fashion and that was a fun night."

For more of Dallas's bright, pretty pictures visit her site, her shop, and her blog.