Friday, October 23, 2009

♥ I heart art ♥ The Old Post Road

As you saw the other day, apparently I like birds...

I mentioned I had a thing for red birds. It's a long story and not so easy to explain, but whenever I have needed reminding that I have a purpose, that I am loved, that everything is going to be alright...I see a red bird...and when I am with my husband we will see two. It is something special just for me.

Earlier this year when Mr.C was a tiny baby things were not so easy. I would sing or hum to him a lullaby version of Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" by Renee & Jeremy. I think I would do it more for me than for him, just to remind myself everything would be alright. I can't help but think that this song somehow has something to do with a verse reminding us that we are much more important than the birds and we should not worry.  Even this week, I have had a very trying time...a sick family, unexpected things, just a hard time all around...and yesterday as Mr.Wonderful, Mr.C and I sat on our back porch I saw a red bird...I haven't seen one in a while.

Meet Trish, the artist behind The Old Post Road...not only does she have beautiful paintings of birds...but she has inspiring words as well:

"I am a married mom of three (ages 16, 13, and 10). My husband and I met in college. We had children much sooner than planned.

We live in a small town in Georgia in a 150 year old home that I love/hate. I have a civil engineering degree and used to work out of my home office until the commercial construction business ground to a halt about two years ago. I decided to try a little painting with my newfound free time (a passion I put on the back burner while the kids were young and while I was working as an engineering consultant). I have never had a formal art lesson (other than in school - elementary and middle school) - I am completely a self-taught artist.

I started painting about a year ago and started with a few small things - mostly "scripture art" on ebay. The paintings sold very quickly, so I started my Etsy site (since we are in a recession and all - thought the timing was perfect for art!(?)! HA! I have not yet gotten brave enough to ask the local store owners to place my art in their retail spaces, but am working on that. I recently turned my home office (previously used for consulting) into my art room.
I am blessed to have an eye for color and an ability to draw. I also feel a need to share scripture with others, to further affirm to our society that God is real and that His word is applicable to all generations. Just to have a few verses memorized and written in our hearts is beneficial."

Have a great weekend - enjoy the the "birds" in your life, 
whatever they may be :)