Friday, October 9, 2009

♥ I heart art ♥

I remember my mom teaching me to aunt was a wonderful class was my favorite, of course, and my drawing/painting career began in kindergarten when my drawing of a girl posed like "I'm a little tea pot" was recognized and hung on the wall in the hall on the way to the lunchroom. In college I took Art History and fell in love...many canvases and paint stained t-shirts later I am sharing my paintings with you.

Please meet these two great artists I have met through Etsy. They are very inspiring, and I am always excited to see what they have created.

"As a child I was inspired by my Step Mother who would buy my sister and I art supplies and craft kits. Then my Mother who enrolled me in extra art courses through junior high and high school. I went on to major in fine arts and after graduating didn't paint for a while. Then in 2004, a friend of a friend, Rebecca Westcott, who was an amazing artist was tradegically killed in an accident. Her work was so inspirational, I found myself pulling my oil paints back out. (Her work is going to be in a Smithsonian show starting soon ) Eventually with the birth of my daughter I switched to acryllic and started with her name painting. From there, with the encouragement of a fantastic group of women in my Mom's group, bopbopdesigns began." ~Maggie

“I am a mother of 3 [ages 7, 5 & 2] with still some time left to cREaTe. I started cREaTing art for others back in elementary school, when my friends would ask me to draw pictures for them (usually of Garfield & unicorns). To this day, my friends are still asking me to make them things. I've just gotten better... and thankfully have moved on from just Garfields & unicorns.

When I started to get orders, I realized I needed a name... I came up with cREaTe which used my initials RET. I put it on brochures & business cards & soon I was in business. A year later I got my own website which I had for 4 years. Early September 2008, I closed its doors & moved over to Etsy full time.

I consider myself a self-taught artist, and with EVERY project, I continue to learn & grow.” ~Rachel