Saturday, October 3, 2009

less than 24 hours

Bids for Cici is up in 16 hours (give or take). If you haven't visited, please do so here. You can bid on "Cici's Owl" here and don't forget about Skylar's Candy Clips here AND here. There are also many other great handmade items, services, etc. up for bid.

Who is Cici?

Cici is the beautiful, resilient and nearly two (!) year old daughter of our friend, Jenny Fischer and her husband, Matt. Their message:
"We are an ordinary family with extraordinary circumstances. One little rambunctious boy, Max, and identical twin girls, Penny and Cici. On October 29, 2008, at 11 months old, Cici choked on a piece of diced canned fruit and spent 2 weeks in the PICU and 4 weeks more in the hospital recovering. She has an anoxic brain injury, which means that her brain was deprived of oxygen and parts of her brain died and all of our lives are very different because of this. She is now severely disabled, but she makes small progress every day and although we don't know what our future looks like, we know that we will be a family helping each other through it all."
You can read all about Cici and her family at their blog: