Monday, October 26, 2009

much more better

Incorrect grammar sums up how Mr.C, Mr.Wonderful, and I feel
(smiles all around).

Six sales ago I treated myself to this.
I decided I might try to treat myself every six sales.

SO...I made six more sales, and this is my treat.

It's green (one of my favorite colors); it's cozy; it's cute; it only cost $13.98.

Why six? Well, it's one more than five and one less than seven,
and there is no reason or rhyme.

Also, I finished this, which will be shipped away with Scrappy Little Blue...
I was really beginning to like him.

OHHH and I won a giveaway :)
Looks like we have will have a cute banner like this
for Mr.C's birthday that is in less than 3 months!


  1. What a pretty green sweater and a great deal! I've been treating myself too. Having a shop on Etsy can be hard because I always want to spend my "paycheck" where I work lol :) That's a super neat banner you won! Perfect timing for his b-day!

  2. congrats! :) i just saw you won one of the give-aways! so fun!!! also love that green sweater. so jealous - love the GREEN & the PRICE! i love etsy $ ... i often keep it on etsy, too!

  3. Wow Lindsay- what a bargain! I love them bargains! And such a pretty color too!


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