Sunday, November 15, 2009

jingle all the way {a love story}

Just recently I had a run in with an old friend.
We fought. Almost 3 of my paintings were ruined.
But I won. Well, at least I think I won.

In my distraught state I shared my fight with a fellow blogger and
decoupage expert at

By just visiting her blog and using her fabulous (free) Modge Podge guide I was able to reevaluate my love/hate relationship with my friend, and I decided to try something new.

I decided to put down my glue gun and REALLY give Modge Podge a try.  I have been using MP to seal all my paintings (which I think works wonderfully by brightening the colors and protecting the finished product from fading and scratches) and to do lightweight decoupage, but never have I used it with jingle bells...

...until today.

I had a jingle bell Christmas countdown calendar that was in trouble.  All the jingle bells were falling off because the hot glue was not adhering to the sealed painting.

SO...I did what any good decoupager would do.

I threaded the bells onto the canvas with wire (b/c lets face it, some things need extra support when little one's hands are involved) and glued them in place with MP.
Of course I don't have the instant gratification of them drying as they would with hot glue, but I think that is worth giving up since my bells will remain in tact and be able to jingle all the way :)