Monday, November 23, 2009

pocket full of thanks

I have the daunting task of cleaning out my photos.  When your photography program shows you have 15,000 pictures you might have a problem (I am not exaggerating).

As I was cleaning I found I must share my pocket full of thanks.

I am thankful for: was his glasses (10 years ago) that had me at hello.
Of course they have changed over the years, but you get the picture.

These old red/burnt orange sheets.  Hand-me-downs from my mother.
Silky, soft, broken-in, feel cold and wonderful when you get under the covers.

Rockin' chairs, rockin' babies...thanks Bess for the old, white rocking chair.
It has survived many nights.

The Gulf of Mexico...Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall...I'll be there.

Trying to send a message in a bottle that always comes back.

Spur of the moment trips...though having Mr.C doesn't always permit,
we at least have the memories.

Kisses, kisses.

Baby love.