Thursday, December 31, 2009

rewind two thousand nine

Here is a mini rewind of 2009 in pictures.

January - Welcome Mr.C!

February - Smiles all around.

March - Will I ever sleep again?

April - Happy Easter!

May - Road Trips and Boat Trips

June - Mommy pulls out her paint brush.

July - Mr.C meets food.

August - Fun times AND

Paint Me A Picture {the shop} begins!

September - Teeth and Crawling

October - Arrrggh

November - Full of thanks.

December - Merry Christmas and new dos.

Thanks for your support as 
Paint Me a Picture 
opened shop on Etsy.
It has been so great to "meet" so
many wonderful new people
through my shop and blog.

I am excited about 2010.
Happy New Year!