Thursday, December 31, 2009

rewind two thousand nine

Here is a mini rewind of 2009 in pictures.

January - Welcome Mr.C!

February - Smiles all around.

March - Will I ever sleep again?

April - Happy Easter!

May - Road Trips and Boat Trips

June - Mommy pulls out her paint brush.

July - Mr.C meets food.

August - Fun times AND

Paint Me A Picture {the shop} begins!

September - Teeth and Crawling

October - Arrrggh

November - Full of thanks.

December - Merry Christmas and new dos.

Thanks for your support as 
Paint Me a Picture 
opened shop on Etsy.
It has been so great to "meet" so
many wonderful new people
through my shop and blog.

I am excited about 2010.
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

♥ I heart art ♥ Chirag Vedullapalli

Art comes in all shapes and sizes, created by people of all backgrounds and all ages.
I recently discovered the art of a very talented young man, Chirag Vedullapalli.
I immediately was drawn to his work as well as his purpose.
Please meet Chirag and discover what he is doing to touch the lives of others through his art:

Chirag, do you have a favorite of all your creations?
My Dream Horse is my favorite painting. I like this painting because I like horses. Horses are my favorite animal.

Is there an artist who inspires you and why?
Ricco DiStefano is my favorite artist. I love him because he creates his paintings are very abstract. I enjoy his classes very much. He gives me support and encouragement that helps me to become a great artist. I also take classes from Miska who helps me with details. I enjoy both of them. From historic point of view, I love Picasso because of his style and colors.

When you are not painting what do you like to do?
I mostly like to keep myself busy. I enjoyed the company of my friends. When I am alone I like to play piano, write cool stories and play with my electronics like DS.

This year, with the help of the community, Chirag launched a program called "Creative Children for Charity" - a program that brings kids together to create artwork. These artworks are sold for 20 dollars each and all the proceeds go to Seattle Children's Hospital. This program nurtures social responsibility at an early age and showcases that kids can also make a difference. We were able to raise 1200 dollars in last 8 months. Creative Children for Charity is very active during the spring/summer time frame. Please join the facebook group to keep yourself engaged.

Check out Chirag Vedullapalli’s work showcased at Meylah where anyone can post comments or admiration of his work. You can contact Ram Dutt if you are interested to purchase his paintings.