Wednesday, January 6, 2010

♥ I heart art ♥ Sara Mincy

I found Sara's Art House while admiring homes on the Nester's 2009 Christmas Tour. I was delighted to discover a fellow artist and Etsian - Sara Mincy. She had me at yellow, green, orange, turquoise, and red...

You art is so distinctive and colorful! It makes me smile (seriously). Where does your inspiration come from?

One of my biggest inspirations has been Mary Engelbreit. I love her happy style- the dots & cherries got me started- I used a lot of her designs when I first started painting- and now I feel that my style has emerged with still some of her influence thrown in there.

Also, my parents are a big inspiration- I was always encouraged to be creative and they are creative in the way they decorated the house- painting and wall papering everywhere. They let me pound nails all over my room and hang whatever I wanted.

What is the first painting you created?

Again- the idea for this painting comes straight from a Mary Engelbreit magazine- and I never show this painting because I am embarrassed that I copied the artist- and I cannot even remember who it was. So I am sorry, whoever you are for completely copying and mutilating your style- but this painting really opened the Pandora's box for me and my interest in the modern folk art style was born.

Where do you call home?

My home is now North Carolina, but I was born in Minnesota and raised in New Brunswick, Canada.

Is there a project you have always dreamed of creating and what would it be?

To write and illustrate children's books. I have started one, and hope to publish it- but I look at it now and see lots of stuff I need to do differently- hopefully one of these days I will be able to read a book to my children that I made for them!

I hope your winter day has been brightened by Sara's art!

Please check out her blog and shop to check out more of her wonderful work.