Thursday, January 7, 2010

it was all yellow

"Some painters transform 
the sun into a yellow spot; 
others transform 
a yellow spot into the sun." 
- Pablo Picasso

Lately I have been day dreaming about the color yellow...

...such a great color for a nursery.


  1. I adore yellow for a sunshiny and happy. LOVE the Amy Butler fabrics you posted as well..might these happen to be nursery fabrics??

  2. I love yellow :) Yellow, all year round. That's what I say!

    A yellow nursery would be so sweet. Hope you'll take photos of the project!

  3. Amy, just found your blog via Sarah Mincy's blog, and was wondering, do you use stencils for your paintings? Just wondering how you get the lines so perfect! I LOVE your work!!!!

  4. So sorry, I thought the fabric was your work, that's why I called you Amy, my bad, your name is Lindsay:)!!! But I did see your artwork of the chandelier, was that fabric or a painting?

  5. LOVE all of the yellow! And I love the Amy Butler stuff too!!!!

    About the Micron pens- I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but I am sure you could get them just about anywhere. I love what a fine line they can make - and the come in lots of sizes.


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