Monday, January 25, 2010

Would you like your receipt in the bag?

I usually say no and place the receipt in my purse.
This is what my habit has resulted in:

  • 28 receipts
  • 4 grocery lists
  • 1 thank you note
  • 2 candy wrappers
  • 3 bank slips
  • 2 movie stubs
  • 1 ticket stub to who knows what
Also, I would like to point out that I only go grocery shopping once a week and maybe to Target...meaning I haven't cleaned out my purse in a long time.

Oh, what's that? You like my Gussy? Me too, thanks!
Who is Gussy?


Gussy is a dear friend of mine.  Go give her a visit. I hear she is having a giveaway day. Oh yeah!


  1. you are the bestest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i wish of a Gussy-chat with you soon <3

  2. oh my purse. it's scary just reaching your hand in there. it might not come out. i think we need your friend gussy to come up with a coin purse that comes with a filing system. with tabs inside for "target", "joanns", "walmart", "grocery", "food", etc. :) you think?


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