Wednesday, March 31, 2010

♥ I heart art ♥ Raspberry Kidz

Back in October I won a picture created by 
Raspberry Kidz from a giveaway at 
Since Mr.C can't draw yet, 
I chose to submit a picture drawn by my niece.

Rachel worked her magic and sent me this lovely 3-D print.
It is such an awesome way to preserve art from the little ones we love.

Meet Rachel, the creator of Raspberry Kidz:

Computer-generated art, 
inspired by kids and their art.

1. When did you first begin creating art?
I've been creating art since I was a kid. I studied art in college, with a focus on graphic design. Now it's all come full circle, as I work on kids' art again!

2. What is your most sentimental creation and why? 
A long time ago, I got a call from a woman who wanted me to do a picture of her baby, when I used to just do pictures of babies and little kids with their names and birthdates. I had many styles to chose from (you can still find them on my web site), but she said none of them fit her baby. The light-skinned ones were too light and the dark-skinned ones were too dark. So, I met this woman and her adorable baby at a coffee shop. Her daughter had big black curls and big rosy cheeks. Then I made the picture. Before she picked it up, her daughter died from a heart problem. The mother called me and told me how important it was for her to pick up the picture. She came by, and we stayed in touch after that, getting together with the kids after her son was born. I will never forget that little girl.

3. Do you create any artwork besides Rasberry Kidz?
Having done magazine design for a living, I created two magazine that I love working on. One is at my kids' school. It focuses on all of the work the kids are doing, along with interviews, recipes, feature stories and puzzles. It turned into an after-school program and the Magazine Club meets once a week.
The other magazine reaches 5 schools in Chicago. I go around and collect all of the writings and artwork from the schools and put them together in a magazine for all of the kids. I love doing it. Not quite "artwork," but there is a lot of creativity involved!

4. Is there a project you have always dreamed of creating? What would it be?
I would like to eventually do what I'm doing but on a larger scale. I love the artwork of James Rizzi. He is a big inspiration for me. (

Please be sure to check out
Raspberry Kidz to see more of Rachel's transformations.
{It is so fun to look through her gallery.}
You can also follow Rachel on her blog.