Friday, March 19, 2010

Mr.C & Mr.Owl

{Mr.C helped with Mr.Owl's photo shoot.}

I am really loving the gray and yellow combination for Mr.Owl.
I think I will be making another soon for my shop.
Happy Friday!

Oh, and in case your wondering...
I am forcing myself to believe it's going to be a {happy} Friday.
So far:
Mr.C woke up coughing with a runny nose at 6 AM (an hour too early).
We forgot to take the trash to the curb yesterday &
as I frantically ran to do so in Mr.Wonderful's shoes (10 sizes to big)
I realized we missed the trash man
and all the while Mr.C decides to pour his juice and Cheerios
ALL over the kitchen floor
and my blood sugar drops.

Thank goodness for
and waffles...
Oh gotta go before I burn the waffles!
{Happy Friday}