Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Count Down {shop talk}

Well, baby talk and shop talk.

Six more weeks until BabyJ is due to arrive, and mama is not sure if she is ready.
I know, I know - you can never be ready, and yesterday confirmed that fact with a trip to the doctor followed by a trip to Labor & Delivery!
Not to worry, we are okay. This pregnancy has just been a little harder and put more strain on me than I experienced with Mr.C so I need take it slow.

In the shop I have been taking things slow for sure, doing what I can when I can. I have absolutely, positively finished my custom orders giving me a chance to add this to the shop:

I also have some other paintings for boys coming soon - 
dōmo arigatō misutā Robotto :]

Stay tuned...


  1. it's coming up so fast! i'm so excited for you! make sure you do rest...kick your feet up when you can. :) love the spaceship!

  2. This rocket ship is so fun! I hope painting is a relaxing and enjoyable distraction during the end of your pregnancy :)

  3. I love the rocket ship- it is so cute and perfect for a boys room or perhaps even a classroom! Make sure to rest up while you can! ;)

  4. keeping you in my prayers as you prepare for the arrival of sweet babyJ!! so exciting and i love the sweet rocket ship!

    enjoy these last few days....rest up!!!! : )

    sending love and hugs


  5. DARLING rocket ship lindsay!!!! :) i'm sure that'll be snatched up in no time! YAY for being DONE with custom orders. yee haw! and YAY for doing what you can when you can. you know that's my favorite way to work - and i'm not 8 months pregnant. :) ha ha glad everything checked out okay! take care of yourself girly!


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