Wednesday, June 2, 2010

♥ I heart art ♥ Callaghan Art Gallery

I love visiting art shows and art galleries.  
There is a unique feeling I experience when I am able to look at art 
[up close - in person].
I will never forget visiting the Owens-Thomas House (part of the Telfair Museums) in Savannah, Georgia during my first year in college...
I got that feeling.
Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet I now am able to have a little bit of that same experience any time I would like, so let's go visit an art gallery!

Meet Kimbra, the artist behind Callaghan Art Gallery

When did you first begin creating art?
As a child I remember drawing horses. They covered my notebooks, binders and even my backpack. In high school I filled my schedule with as many art classes as possible and tested different mediums and played with my creativity. In college I learned how to draw the human form and to this day - sketching is my favorite part of being an artist. There is something magical about connecting a pencil to a piece of paper and releasing an image you have in your mind.

What is your favorite or most sentimental creation and why?
My MOST sentimental creation was a drawing I did of a shoe in grade school. (Sorry I don't have a photo). I remember the teacher telling the class that there would be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place given for the best drawings. Those 3 winners got to go to Dairy Queen for ice cream with the teacher at lunch (how cool!). I worked so hard on that drawing and it came out awesome. I won first place! I was so excited and thrilled that someone else appreciated what I had made. It was one of those movements in life where you feel a shift as if your future is pulling you in your direction. The kicker was that I ended up with the flu the day that the teacher took the other 2 winners to Dairy Queen. But I got a blue ribbon and a glimpse of my future in creating art!

Another piece that is sentimental to me is a painting I created after coming back from Italy with my husband just a few years ago. It is on a large 30x40 museum stretched canvas and hangs at my mothers’ downtown shop. I was very pleased with how it came out, the great memories it is tied to and the compliments I get everyday from the locals. 

What people/things inspire your work?I'm literally inspired by EVERYTHING. It is something I consider to be bitter/sweet. I'm such a creative person that sometimes I have so many ideas going on at once it is hard to figure out which project to work on. With my screen print series I have found solid ground in my work. My prints are very popular right now and with the basis of creating a template design on a silkscreen and then being able to use that design in so many different ways gives me a sense of control and a sense of freedom as colors/options/ideas have no limitations. I LOVE nature and try to be very very green in my lifestyle as well as my work. I'm inspired every time I see something growing and in the near future I will have even more nature prints available on my etsy shop. I will also be creating a bird collection very soon!

Is there a project you have always dreamed of creating? What would it be?
My dream is to grow as an artist. My screen prints are only one part of my creative being. The other part is my strong desire to create a series of original paintings using my own personalized techniques and ideas. I want to develop a style of art that is very unique and unlike any art previously seen (a tremendous task as an artist!). My goal is abstract-sophistication. I've been working on this project for almost a year now and when I’m ready I will be offering my new original paintings on my new fine art etsy gallery

Be sure to check out Kimbra's site and shop to view more of her amazing work.

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