Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It was good...

I enjoyed my time away and am so thankful to my Mama for the trip.
I did miss my guys, and they missed me :)
{They survived, and the house was cleaner than when I left!}

[Tybee Island - photo credit]

Good time.
Good rest.
Good food.

1 & 2: Moo & Emu - friends we met at a gas station
3: the pier at Tybee
4 & 5: The Crab Shack & Low Country Boil + shell fish


  1. Sounds like a nice break. I love coming home to a clean house! I also love crabs...yum.

  2. ca-ute gas station friends! :) and the crab legs ... YUMMMMM. so glad you got a little all girls get-away. it's good for everyone! welcome back!

  3. I love the picture of the cow!!! So glad you were able to have some time with the girls...welcome back! :)

  4. the cow and emu are amazing! Glad you had a good time- but I've missed your posts, so I'm glad you're back :]

  5. looks like you had a great time! glad you are back!


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