Thursday, July 8, 2010

take it easy on me {baby talk}

Yesterday involved another visit to Labor & Delivery.
BabyJ is giving Mama a tough time.
My blood pressure has been dropping 
causing me to almost pass out daily for over a month.
However, every time I have gone to have my BP checked it has regulated.
Finally, it happened at a doctor's visit and then again while being monitored at the 
hospital, so we now know (at 36 1/2 weeks) I am having "hypertensive episodes".
Meaning - I. Must. Rest.

I will be taking it easy and doing more things like snuggling...

Thankfully the nursery is 90% ready.
Mr.C's old baby clothes have been washed along with a few gifts from Na-Na.

And these canvases are no longer blank, they are lime-greenish blank.

And will hopefully transform into these animals with a little bit more pizazz.

And my bags are kind of packed, just kind of.
Now, I must go and rest.


  1. While the circumstances could be better, I'm glad you're taking it easy! And great photo, by the way!

  2. Aw- sending prayers your way for a healthy rest of your pregnancy. Sweet pic of mr. c :)

  3. oh my take it easy and snuggling sounds so much better then working. ;)

  4. What a nice picture that is. I hope you get lots and lots of good rest.

  5. Those animal paintings are going to be great!

  6. Definitely take it easy, hon...I am thinking about you and hoping the rest of your time is relaxing and stress-free:) xo

  7. Lindsay- hoping you are having a restful day! Praying for you and Baby J.

  8. Be careful! One of the mamas in my due date group had that and ended up splitting her head open when she passed out!

    Good luck on taking it easy. I know it's hard, especially with another little one running around.

  9. wow - low BP? crazy. i had too high of BP with libby which is why i was induced with her the morning i hit week 37! take it easy mama! so glad you got to come back home - just under some doctor's orders!

    LOVE the pic of mr.C! such a sweet heart. he still looks like such a baby in that photo ... his little baby hand. but soon, in comparison, he'll look like a giant towering over his baby brother. :) love the "lime-greenish blank". made me literally LOL.

  10. Awww! Get lots of rest! Hugs!

  11. ohhh, Linds we love you!

    that photo is too precious {of you and Mr.C} -- and i can't wait to see the new baby in his new clothes.

    AHHHH, so exciting! now stay in that bed and rest <3

  12. get lots of rest luv! take care of yourself so you are well rested for your babies.


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