Tuesday, August 17, 2010

c a n d i d

Let's get candid...

1. While baby [and brother - see video monitor in the background] sleep
Mommy sleeps takes pictures.
2. Child [art] prodigy decides to do a taste test [note: child was supervised by two adults, mother was actually standing right beside him].
3. Brotherly love.
4. Daddy & Mommy are both showered and alert at the same time 
and of course baby screams for photo op.
5. Baby boxing gloves.
6. Three's company.
7. Charlie face.
8. Sand is a good source of fiber, right?


  1. Congrats on the baby! J is adorable!!! Hope all is going well!

  2. I love your family. . . you guys are just the cutest :]

  3. such great pictures!! you look so pretty! i was actually just thinking of an idea yesterday that i needed to make and your photo of baby jack with his "gloves" on reminded me what i was thinking of..baby mittens! ;)

  4. YAY! These pictures are so cute and fun :) The sand goes straight through to the diaper right? Sweet Pea is making his 1st trip to the beach soon ;)

  5. The sand photo is the best! Classic and sweet and hey, what Summer is ALL about, right!?

  6. so cute! love the "brotherly love" photo. TOO CUTE!


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