Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm lovin' it...

18 month old check up + 3 day old weight check =
one *happy* family

We survived our first family outing - to the doctor.
Hey, I've got a great idea, let's ALL go together.
To make life even more interesting let's skip Mr.C's morning nap
and take a baby when it's been 2 hours since he last nursed...

Lock us in a small, hot exam room and throw in some shots (non-alcoholic aka vaccinations).

It actually went better than it could have.
Charlie only busted his chin once,
and Jack managed to start screaming three times.
I know Mr.Wonderful and
I looked like deer in head lights once we left the office.

As we pulled out of the parking lot I said,
"We are getting a Happy Meal."
Mr.C's first official Happy Meal,
and it even came in a red box.

I'm loving it...really, I am.
It's just going to be very interesting :]