Friday, October 15, 2010

d a w g s

One of my favorite things about fall is college football.
Can you tell which team we cheer for?
Even when this season isn't going so great...

Hope you have a great weekend.
Go dawgs!


  1. Omygosh! TOO cute! David and I always talk about putting our kiddies in FSU apparel some day :]

  2. ahhh! cuuutttteee but go buckeys:)

  3. I'm torn! My husband is a GaTech fan, so I feel like I should tease you a bit, But I'm an FSU fan, and anyone who also hates the Gators is a friend of mine. ;)

  4. So very cute! J is getting so big. :) Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm not a football fan, but my husband religiously roots for the Bulldogs as well! :)

  6. oh i recognize those colors ... we used to live in jax, home of the famous FL - GA games! so so cute lindsay. they look like SO much fun.


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