Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ghosts of Halloween Past

{Me, The Queen of Hearts, 1988}

My mom was {sew} creative.
I do no sew; I paint.

Mr.Wonderful decided it's my *project* to come up with costumes.
I don't think I can paint costumes for the boys.
So far, my ideas are ____________ and _____________.
{meaning nothing}

{Mr.C, $2 pirate, 2009}

What should we do?
Do you have any suggestions?

And just for your viewing pleasure...
 {Oh yes, it's me, Wayne, 2007
accompanied by Garth}


  1. A pirate pacifier cover! Genius. We have a pink poodle (dog obsessed) and a mummy this year. hooray for warm costumes ;)

  2. Cute pictures!!!

    We are going to have a ballerina here and a baseball player and the third one is not sure.

  3. too funny!! i don't think i have any old halloween pictures..well maybe one. love the sweet little pirate!! i hope you can come up with some very easy outfits for the boys!!

  4. You can never go wrong w/ classic super heroes, OR Mr. C fights CRIME and Baby J throws um in JAIL! Need me to make you some capes? ;) I promise I didn't eat cheese for breakfast.

  5. Your little pirate was totally adorable! I think babies make good pumpkins, not too creative but very cute and easy to put together without sewing :) Maybe Mr. C could be a robot? A robot could be made without sewing, just using cardboard, tin foil, stuff like that.

  6. Love the Wayne costume! Anything you dress your little one in will be adorable...I always wanted to dress my babe as a little piece of candy cute is that?

  7. i always adore visiting your blog! so much inspiration here! and the baby photos... adorable!

    i too am loving the wayne + garth photo. my favorite baby costume was when my brother was the old milwaukee brewer rollie fingers-he had this crazy mustache that was just so fun, especially when drawn on :)

    have fun!

  8. Oh. My. Head. The Wayne get-up is hilarious!! Love it. Griffin was a pirate last year, but a stinky one at that. He couldn't cry his way out of it fast enough.

  9. cute! baby A is gonna be "abby cadabby" from sesame street and A is gonna be Mario. E wants to be "something super scary with blood running down my face" ugh. ya sounds like fun!!! im sure your two would make great mario and luigi!! simple with overalls and painted hairstash (lol)

  10. an easy one for us was always cowboys (jeans, plaid shirt, bandana, hat & boots) or football players (fave team jersey, size too small of sweat pants stopped up at the knee, eyeliner under eyes). oh & we did pirates one year! and libby was their baby parrot! :) darling old photos!!!! good luck. :)


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