Tuesday, October 5, 2010

so I creep, yeah

I dislike hate loathe [is there a stronger word for loathe?] spiders.
HATE them.
I have a scar from a spider bite to prove my hatred and fear.
as I am talking on the phone to Mr.Wonderful, bouncing a screaming J-man,
I see Mr.C pick something up.
I think it is a raisin.
Um not unless this big, fat huge raisin has legs.
Yeah. It is a spider.
Mommy screams, baby screams, kid screams.
Mommy kills eight legged raisin with diaper wipe.

Uhhhhhhhhhh...still gives me the creeps.
But that's not why I am here.
I wanted to let you know things are creeping along with my shop. 
That means things are getting done and I hope to have some things to show you this week.

Also, I wanted to let you know Lelan over at Hello, Good Gravy!

Very cute.

It's October and I hate spiders. 


  1. oh my gosh..a scar from a spider..no wonder you do not like them!! yikes! i have so many lovely memories of them..not really lovely...just memories. they give me the chills. we had two in the store the other day and i made my boss kill them. ugh! going over to good gravy right now...love diy printables! have a great tuesday!!

  2. I hate them too... I think they can sense fear, because I have been bit 3 times in my life. Not cool. And ouch. There aren't as many crawly things here in Colorado, so hopefully I'm safe now.
    And Mr. C is very brave... maybe too brave :]

  3. Just creepin' on tha down low :) Glad you came to his rescue!!

  4. Ew, that story gives me the willies! But THANK YOU for posting about my DIY printables. So nice of you! :) No spiders included!

    PS: Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head.

  5. ha ha ha - great story. by the way, wish we lived closer & i could bounce a screaming mr.j on my knee! CUTIE! i hate spiders, too. but they are #2 to SNAKES! when i was little, if i saw a snake in a ranger rick magazine i couldn't even touch the page. i would have to turn the page with a pencil or some other object. TRUE STORY.

    p.s. forgot to tell you i wound up buying the butterfly print featured in the last post! :) can't wait to get it!


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