Friday, November 12, 2010

Mama Drama

Yes, Mama Drama.
That is what I like to term how things are today, or any day I attempt to get things done.
Lots of drama for mama.
Currently Mr.C is spilling raisins on the living room floor (he's not supposed to be eating in the living room) and Jack is trying to eat his hand and getting mad, and we won't talk about what time they got up or how long they slept at nap time. I'm not bitter.
Despite all the drama I was able to somehow accomplish some things on Operation Finish-What-You-Start...the somehow is called the help of my own mother.
So anyway, these are going out today.

I can't show you what's all in the boxes because some of them are surprises, but because I ♥ my blog readers I will show you one:

I really ♥ it.
Have a happy Friday, what's left of it, and I hope you have a drama free, love filled weekend!