Monday, December 27, 2010

loving and doing

Last week was filled with much loving and little doing.
We had a special *white* week before Christmas;
Mr.C did a {stroll-by} meeting of Santa, he just wasn't interested, 
and Christmas morning we added someone new to our family...
I hope your week was merry and bright,
and I will have some fun pictures to share soon.

Also, the shop is back open and 
the custom order list has already been filling up through February!
If you have interest in reserving a spot on the custom order list please contact me.


  1. LOL Sweet Pea wasn't too interested in Santa either. Actually, he was somewhat interested in looking at him from a distance... but not interested in getting too close :)

  2. i love that your little one wasn't interested in santa-too funny! :) you added a new addition? did you get a pupster?? ohh tell!
    and-what is this that I hear the Que. is already crazy busy til february? I'm not on it and I am sad about this. :( boo hiss-oh well. I guess I will have to practice patience...:)

  3. I can't wait to see your family addition! [I'm assuming it's a puppy...]


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