Tuesday, December 28, 2010

our Christmas

{our white Christmas included sand}

{Mr.Wonderful knows my thing for red birds 
& gave me one as a gift. love.}
{meet our new someone special, no, it's not a puppy,
it's Woody. as you can see Mr.C l-o-v-e-s him.}

{BabyJ's new friend, the Winkel}

{handmade gifts for Mr.Wonderful, thanks Jess for the idea}

It's the fourth day of Christmas.
We are still enjoying the holidays.
Hope you are too.


  1. Looks like a WIN of a Christmas! :)

  2. oh how splendid! ;) i love the toy story dude as the new friend:) much better dude to look after than a four legged friend! whew:) at least this dude doesn't poop! :)gina

  3. "You've got a friend in me"... cute. Did you write Mr. C's name on the underside of the boot?
    And I love that red bird... so beautiful!

  4. looks like a sweet christmas to me!!

    where do you live, my friend? with these white sandy beaches?!

  5. Hooray for the 4th day of Christmas :) The reindeer ornaments look awesome!

  6. dude, i love all your sweet comments on my blog. you are too cute!

  7. I knew it couldn't be a puppy with allergies and all. I was secretly hoping it wasn't an animal of any kind so that Nate can still come over!


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