Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I may be a clever girl,
but he is a genius.

Yes, it was all gone before lunch time yesterday.

I bought him this card from egg-a-go-go
and I am pretty sure I will be getting him the T-shirt too.
{Sarah is super great btw, 
going the extra mile when my card went missing in the mail.}
Mr.Wonderful got me the chocolate from Target,
which I am also pretty sure is 50% off today 
so you should go get one.


  1. love that card!
    and good for you with the chocolate, I have no self control (can't tell you how many of the brownie oreos I put away in the past week)!

  2. i think i saw that brand of chocolate bars before! so cute! hope you had a wonderful day celebrating!

  3. I love that print... it's like it was made for the two of you!

  4. That card is cute! My husband has a beard & glasses. Maybe I should get him one :)

  5. I love egg-a-go-go. I ordered Ben a onesie from her and they didn't have that color. She contacted me immediately, let me know, offered to either send a different color or for me to wait it out. And when it did get here, we got a little special treat and it was AMAZING.

  6. Those are so cute!!! Adore the chocolate bar! My hubby would get a kick out of that! Hehe.

  7. Love it - I so want that chocolate bar, clever!

  8. Clearly you guys are a perfect match <3

  9. that card is awesome!!! and what a sweetie...you can never go wrong with chocolate:)

  10. that candy bar is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! and that card's pretty awesome! you should definitely get the shirt! :)

  11. I got this card for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day too! He loooved it and we can't wait to frame it for our home someday. :)


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