Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CLOSED free stuff... again

{ CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from a stylish swing set to cute cookware to chic lighting pieces! }

What is that all about?
I'll tell you later.
For now enjoy these pictures of my cute kids.

What can I say?
I am generous...
Well, I *know* generous people who want to hook you up.
CSN wants to give one of you a one-time-use $35 gift certificate
to use as you wish on any of their 200+ websites.
I got the above Moby wrap from CSN. 
The shipping was fast, the product is great,
and my favorite thing about the site was that I didn't have to create an account.

Sorry if you are tired of giveaways 
{Who doesn't want something for free?}
I'll make this easy for you.
Just leave a comment about how cute my children are
and I will randomly pick one of you for the $35 and tell you who won on Friday.
Easy peasy.



  1. I would love to win this! And your children are adorable! :) I love the pic of Baby J looking sideways!

  2. Seriously, your kids make my baby fever even worse than it already is.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. Oh your baby is so cute!!!
    I am a new follower of yours! You can stop by my blog and check it out :)


  4. just stumbled upon your blog somehow....you have an adorable little family!
    love your blog!


  5. Oh my Lord, you have the cutest kids I've ever seen! Well, except for my own :)

  6. are there even words? i just hope that mine will be half as adorable when i get to that point in my life :-)

  7. There is nothin' cuter than a kid all snuggled in a wrap... I wish I could hang out that way sometimes!

  8. LOL! I love the requirement for entering this! :-D But they ARE so cute! Swings are fun! Baby J's eyes are so expressive in these pictures! Looks like you and J like the Moby. We have the same Moby, same color. I used it every day until P hit 25lbs then my back told me we had to stop.

  9. You're kids are super cute and I wish I lived close enough to baby-sit and play with them in the non-snow covered ground :)

  10. love them. miss them. j is definitely the cutest godson;)

  11. Your kids are adorable!

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. Your kids are precious! And I know cute kids...i have an 11 week old cutie of my own =)

  13. OMG! I want to win so so so so bad! and yes your boys are darling-any post with them in it makes my day! they are like my surrogate children. okay perhaps that came out bad. but they are the babies that i wish i had that i won't ever have...okay i will stop now b/c my foot is way down my throat. but i really want to win and i am trying to make you laugh in a really odd sorta way.

  14. I always get nervous when parents say, "isn't (s)he just the cutest baby you've ever seen?" because I hate to lie if they aren't the cutest (I know, it's horrible that I'm even admitting this!). But, I'm glad to be able to say that your sweet looking boys are pretty darn cute!

  15. are those recent pics of mr.c? i'm assuming they are ... and it just reiterates that you have 2 boys EXTREMELY close in age. :) ha! just when i think he's starting to look big ... nope. he's still a total TOT! buy oh dear are they absolutely ADORABLE. and is it just me or is J a mini-mr.C? i think i'd have a hard time telling their baby pics apart! :) CUTE-NESS.

  16. Haha! Of course your kiddos are precious! :)

  17. I really like the pictures both resemble one another and they are precious. Them cheeks!!! :D So sweet.

  18. I would tell you that your kids are cute even if you didn't bribe me to do it. ;) I love those little men.

  19. Giveaway or not, your children are darn cute!!!


  20. They are so sweet. :) <3

    amschotter at gmail dot com

  21. Sweet, love these pictures, these smiles and post are too cute!

  22. C. U. T. E. N. E. S. S. There's just something about a little boy that melts your heart - and those smiles do just that!

  23. Your kids are always all smiles... cute, cute, cute!

  24. ohh, your boys are adorable :-)

  25. Your kids are sooooo adorable it hurts my eyes!

    eemoody77 at gmail dot com


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