Monday, February 21, 2011

here we go hoop de hoop

I have yet to finish BabyJ's nursery.
Ahem. He will be 7 months old this week.
I blame it on our plaster walls.
These walls make it impossible to hang anything without creating a gigantic hole 
and a cussing fussing mama.

Then I found those damage free picture hanging strips.

Sooooo with my new found way to hang stuff I got crafty.
I got the beautiful embroidered tree from The Joys of Jess.
I picked up a couple of hoops 
and a couple of "J"s from Michael's and painted them.
I took the receiving blanket the nurse stamped Jack's footprints on and hooped and painted it.
Then I made some fun bunting hoop art.

Here's how:
1. take an old t-shirt, scissors, some felt from your felt-obsession collection, fabric Modge Podge, a paint brush, and an embroidery hoop (ignore the gray felt and thread, I was going to do a little elephant under the bunting, but I changed my mind mid-way)
2. stretch the t-shirt over the hoop and cut excess material off
3. stretch the t-shirt material a little more and tighten the hoop
4. use masking tape to hide the excess material and tape it to the backside edges of hoop
5. cut little triangle flags from felt
6. position little flags
7. using a paint brush apply fabric Modge Podge to flags and glue them on
8. allow to dry and then use picture hanging strips to hang your hoop art

I la-la-love it Jack's new hoop art.
I am sure Jack appreciates it too, he did help make it -

PS. You can get a coupon for those hanging strips here (it expires 2/28/11).