Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a hoop for my studs

It's Wednesday, let's make something.

I have acquired some pretty 
handmade earrings over the past few months and needed a 
pretty place to put them.
Preferably a place that isn't an incense burner 
turned spare change and bobby pin dish.
I found a great tutorial that included a frame 
and some wire mesh,
but I didn't have either of those on hand.
1. Instead I took an old shirt from my Goodwill box
and a small embroidery hoop.
2. I stretched a pretty part of the shirt over the hoop and
3. tightened it up.
4. Then I cut off the extra fabric and
5. put my pretty earring in place.
6. All done.

Can you tell I am a visual learner?
Also, on the back of the hoop
you can glue the fabric to the edges if you like.
I am not committing to this hoop though.
I am hoping I will add to my collection 
so I will need a bigger hoop.

red crocheted earrings from Mandipidy
celery green rose studs from littleloveliesshop
yellow & peach rosette earrings from this lovely lady