Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i heart {free} art

It feels like Spring time outside.
Bright sun.
I even spotted some flowers.
I am going to soak up some sun 
and enjoy it while it lasts.
Is it spring-y where you are?
Here are some 
from IndieFixx
{just download, print and frame}
to help brighten your day 
even if it's not sunny where you are.


  1. Ooo, thanks for sharing. I was excited to see a Nan Lawson print in there! :]

  2. so fun! my office needs some spring-like art :) thank you for sharing this find! I just might eye and tumble it!

  3. Thank you! They are all beautiful and bright...very much needed today!

  4. love. wish i was frolicking around outside with you guys today.

  5. Thanks - I might put 1 of these in my office next to Oliver the Office Owl! It is warm here today too, and plenty of sunshine :)

  6. fun! :) it's pretty here today ... got up to 77. amazing. ENJOY IT!!!


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