Thursday, February 24, 2011

pop it {embrace the camera}

My husband doesn't pop his color in real life.
{He'd kill me for posting this picture, but he won't see this so hahaha. 
Plus I needed a tiny reminder of what we looked 
when we were well rested sane adults.}

{us circa 2006}

I was inspired to post this nostalgic picture 
when I was snooping the links to

Thanks Lauren for the idea.


  1. you look like a girl named sarah i know SO much sometimes. especially in this picture. i am sending you her picture.

  2. Haha. At least it's a cute picture of you guys.

  3. fun pic! haha, poppin the collar. sometimes it's considered cool, you know ;)

  4. ♥ your haircut, girl! Super cute! xo

  5. Bahahahaha!!!!! Yeah right, he doesn't pop his collar in real life :)

  6. beautiful mama.....still beautiful!

  7. cute picture. and yes, your hubby is definitely rockin' the kanye look just right! :)

  8. Hi Lindsay! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love love love the popped collar theme we've got going! I'm sure we could come up with plenty of embarrassing old photos if we tried hard enough. (or at all... ha!)
    I'm so glad you're a fellow bulldog! We are slightly fanatical... we live and breathe the dawgs!
    Love your blog! I'm your newest follower. :)
    Thanks again for stopping by!
    Go Dawgs!

  9. Ha! My husband doesn't read my blog unless I make him.

  10. You all are both a cute couple! Love the "popped" collar! ;-)


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