Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a reason why I paint

10 years ago for my 19th birthday I asked my parents for an easel. I got that easel (which I never use), and I received some canvases and paint from a friend. I started painting and haven't stopped.

Here is one of the reasons I continue to paint:

Meet Miss Elsa. The newest member of the Anderson Family.
You can read about why they chose to adopt here.
The above painting was a gift to Emily and the family as they welcome Elsa home.
{I have another painting for sale and the proceeds go towards the cost for Elsa's adoption.}


  1. I LOVE that painting! Wish we could have a paint playmate! Maybe someday...

  2. oh love this so much! great idea :)

  3. That is such a beautiful painting! love it!

  4. Lovely painting. And what a beautiful little girl :)

  5. you are amazing! i love your work;)

  6. ahhh I LOVE this! Also, I was hoping to contact you about doing one for me, with the outline of the country Ukraine (where we're adopting from!) just beautiful!

  7. what a great reason! i love it..so pretty and simple!

  8. i love this painting. it's hanging above her bed.
    i love your heart.
    i love you.

    i'm hoping we can meet soon!

  9. i absolutely adore this painting. and i think it's really great that you have the paintings with a purpose, and share it here. it's very inspiring. :)


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