Thursday, February 24, 2011

two are better than one

Soon after I opened my shop in 2009 and found my place in this blog community
I realized there were ways to use my work to help others.
I began creating paintings with purpose 
and either donated paintings to be auctioned off for a charity 
or donated proceeds to certain fundraisers.
It was good to be a part of something, to give back.
Last year I actually teamed up with Rachel and helped raise money for F.I.R.E. 
(a program in her community that benefited her son who has autism.)

Two are better than one, but what about three, four, five...
Let's do something together.

This year we want to do something bigger, and we need your help.

handmade with purpose
is about:

acknowledging creativity.
using our creativity to produce handmade goods.
selling our handmade goods for a profit.
taking our profit and giving back to our 
communities, those less fortunate, & those in need.

Do you make handmade goods?
Please join us in selling 
handmade with purpose.

Please email me if you are interested in being a part: