Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Charlie's first fish

Amongst the epic mess and snot and mess
Mr.C melted my heart this morning.
He saw me using his Magnedoodle to write down medicine dose times.
He immediately wanted to draw.
I could have said no.
After all I was using it first.
I said okay and just pulled out a sheet of scrap paper.
A few minutes later he ran up to me making a fish face and holding this.
I asked him if it was a fish, 
and he proudly said yes.
Make a mama proud.


  1. the best fish i ever did see! :)gina

  2. I see the makings of a wonderful artist just like his mom! :)

  3. seriously, every time i see someone's kid this age, i just always want to say that i just miss them this small and they're so cute and all that, but then i think i may be leaving like a gazillion comments all saying the same thing, but it's so true! he just is so adorable! love the fish!

  4. That's one good looking fish! I suppose artistic skills run in the family!

  5. Very sweet. You're missing a big arrow pointing to him saying CUUUUUUUUTE.

    My baby is almost 4, make it stopppp!

  6. super cute! if only you had captured the fish face on camera too :)

  7. someone's following in mama's artistic footsteps, eh? :) Cute!

  8. ar-teest in the making :) just like his momma!

  9. dear little snotters!! it's a wonderful fish :)

  10. precious. :) i have a pic of brett's 1st drawing of something - and it was on a magnadoodle, too!!!!!


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