Monday, April 25, 2011

snot and all

Our weekend went from looking like 
this            to              this.

Thanks to

Fevers. Ear infection. Neb treatments. Antibiotics. 
Oh my.
And the snot. Oh, the snot.
Did I mention this weekend was Easter?
And today is Mr.Wonderful's birthday.

I am going to be honest.
I was a bit disappointed in this weekend. 
I had plans of a big celebration brunch after Easter Mass.
I made an banner to hang, bought flowers, & all sorts of goodies.
We were going to bake cupcakes for Robbie's birthday... 
Funfetti cupcakes because he claims to have never had Funfetti!
We were going to have an Easter Egg hunt.

Things did not go as planned.

But you know what? It is okay.
Life happens, snot and all.*

*Don't be fooled by my nonchalantness. There we several meltdowns this weekend, not just by the boys (wink).


  1. Way to be honest. At least you had jelly beans, right? ;-) I hope your little guys feel better soon. And the cupcakes are sure to bring some comfort!
    Happy Monday!

  2. Oh man Linds, at least you had cute hair!!!

    Um can we talk about this no Funfetti comment. This needs to be resolved pronto. Funfetti needs to a right of passage for EVERYONE.


  3. Must be going around, because we're full of snot over here too. I'm ready for this cold to move on and this tooth to pop through!

  4. aww, i'm so sorry your easter weekend wasn't all you hoped for. i'm sure your hubby will love his cupcakes! funfetti is good no matter how old you are!!!!

  5. awwww....poor little guys. hope they are on the road to getting better!

  6. Hahaha aww poor things (and poor you!)!

    Happy Easter!

  7. we have snot over here too. Don't you just hate it when things are all planned out in your mind and they get messed up? Its like you have to mourn they way the weekend was SUPPOSED to go. Ah well, what can you do.

    Eat the jellybeans and be thankful that easter candy is half off today... that's what i'm doing ;)

  8. so sorry your weekend didn't turn out the way you had hoped! i hope your boys start to get better!! :)

  9. Huge hugs again to you and the boys! I hope they are feeling better super soon!

  10. Oh so sorry! Hope the snot stops running and you get to enjoy the funfetti cupcakes. That's my husband's fav. =)

  11. awww God knew you needed a "snotty" weekend ;) Hope your little ones are feeling better soon!

  12. What a bummer! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  13. Oh Lidz! I'm sorry!!!!! Do an egg hunt this week! They'll still love it! I've got enough plastic eggs to have egg hunts year round!
    <3 you!

  14. {{{BIG HUG}}} all ^^^THAT^^^ is what happened to libby's birthday weekend. :( it's so hard to LET GO of the fun & perfect plans. and feel like you're 1/2 'you-know-whatting' everything because you know it's not worth the effort & you know what's MORE important is that people are healthy. the good news ... is that although the banner didn't get up, the world indeed, did NOT end. and that's always a good feeling. :) hee hee


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