Wednesday, May 11, 2011

buzz buzz {shop talk and other stuff}

Busy, busy.

Y'all, it's almost the middle of May. What?
Hi, Spring, why do you look, act and feel like Summer? We are basking in the sweat sunshine. Yesterday we got out the water hose and the bubble bath and a BIG bucket. The boys and the gnats thought it was fantastic. I am pretty sure we were quite a sight. I did not take my camera. Someone likes to splash. So you can use your imagination - bubbles, bugs, boys. 

Let's talk about the shop.
There are some new mustaches in. I really like the colors. Navy blue, dark gray, coral pink. Who wouldn't want a coral pink mustache?
Also, I am pretty bare bones. Not me, the shop (wink). The reasons: states, time, and I waiting on a shipment of canvases.  
That ^ said I do have lots of neat ideas brewing so please keep visiting to see what's new.
And if you are interested in a State Love painting please let me know so I can reserve a listing for you.

Lastly, did anyone try a spinach-strawberry-banana smoothie? We have been making more and trying different recipes. I think it would be fun to do some healthy and yummy recipes each week. What do you think?

I hope you have a sweet{as honey} Wednesday.

PS. Have you met Ruthanne?