Wednesday, May 25, 2011

dinner and a haircut

 I am totally breaking the more-than-one-blog-post-a-day rule... it's a rule, isn't it?
Actually no, I have a friend who does multiple blog posts a day sometimes and they are nice. Mine are due to forgetfulness and bad timing. Thanks to Instagram I have pictures to post.

Last night for dinner we ate Margherita pizza from California Pizza Kitchen {as in frozen pizza, but that sounded so much better}.
I picked off most of the tomatoes. I don't like raw tomatoes, and will tolerate the freshly frozen ones on pizza.

Jack likes pizza too, tomatoes and all.
He likes almost anything. Except baby food. This baby will not eat baby food.

And what's dinner without a haircut?
Yes, I buzzed Jack's hair. It was on a whim. I thought he needed a trim, and it ended up very short because I used clippers rather than scissors. Ooops.

And that is What We Ate Wednesday. I am linking up with Amy.


  1. Looks like he's ready for summer with the new 'do! I love frozen pizza :)

  2. Frozen pizza should be its own food group! And Jack matches Nolan now, SUMMER BUZZ CUTS!!!


  3. Very handsome. We use the clippers too, on the longest setting - it seems safer than scissors when the baby is moving all around and won't sit still :-P

  4. i don't like frozen pizzas...except for CPK. props.


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