Friday, May 20, 2011


{the current view in my studio, 11 all at once}

Maybe a little to much?
So it might be a little quite around here for the next few days.
The wait will be worth it.
I have some super-fun things up my sleeve. Something you won't want to miss. Pinkie promise.
See ya'll next week sometime!


  1. oooo I am excited;0. I love waiting for fun things! hehe. See you then!

  2. that is awesome!! can't wait to see them all done. more studio snaps in the future please. ;) p.s. did you get my e-mail? featuring Ollie's paintings on monday!! waiting for some good lighting....

  3. HAVE FUN! enjoy your weekend & your multi-task painting. i love the feeling of a FULL WORKBENCH [or work surface]. i currently have only 2. and it's like pulling teeth to get me to go down there to finish. :D so i'm a little envious of your busyness & drive! you GO GIRL!

  4. i want to see you in destin. we must make this happen!


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