Friday, May 6, 2011

nice and smooth


This week has been one of the smoothest and most productive in 9 months.
Jack learned naps are his friend... let's hope this continues and even branches into night time sleep (I can dream).

This was also the week of the smoothie.
I decided since force feeding Charlie green things wasn't going so smoothly 
(hahaha, that just fit right in didn't it?) 
I was going to sneak them in his meals.
Enter the smoothie.
Yesterday we tried a spinach, strawberry and banana concoction.
It was the best smoothie ever.
You should try it.
1 cup of French vanilla yogurt
1 cup of spinach
1 frozen banana (I cut it into pieces before I freeze it)
4-5 strawberries
Put it in your Ninja and make a smoothie.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Friday.


  1. what a great idea for getting veggies into the little ones. i'm totally going to try it! my kids love fruity stuff so i think they will definitely love a smoothie.
    project smoothie is a go!!

  2. I love smoothies and I hate spinach... but I'm assuming you can't even taste it when it's all blended up? If that's the case, then you are brilliant (and I'm going to have to try it sometime)

  3. Thanks for sharing the recipe I heard about on Twitter yesterday! I want to try it :) and I will let you know how it goes!
    Keep on nappin' Jack :)

  4. Spinach in a smoothie - love it! And the bottom left picture is aDORable.

  5. such a cute pic of JACK! and i am thrilled he's loving the naps! life is so much better when everyone SLEEPS the proper amount! we had all 3 kids up 'til 11:00 pm last friday AND saturday night of last weekend ... and we paid for it ALL WEEK LONG. not fun. have fun with your smoothies!


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