Friday, May 6, 2011

nice and smooth


This week has been one of the smoothest and most productive in 9 months.
Jack learned naps are his friend... let's hope this continues and even branches into night time sleep (I can dream).

This was also the week of the smoothie.
I decided since force feeding Charlie green things wasn't going so smoothly 
(hahaha, that just fit right in didn't it?) 
I was going to sneak them in his meals.
Enter the smoothie.
Yesterday we tried a spinach, strawberry and banana concoction.
It was the best smoothie ever.
You should try it.
1 cup of French vanilla yogurt
1 cup of spinach
1 frozen banana (I cut it into pieces before I freeze it)
4-5 strawberries
Put it in your Ninja and make a smoothie.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Friday.