Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the very LATE Spring wreath

Well, I am pretty sure I will never make another yarn wreath again.
This one took about two months. Go ahead and laugh because I am.
I every time I went to work on it {all four times} 
the. yarn. kept. knotting. up.
I had to cut, untangle, retie about 24 times, 
and that took all the fun out of my wrapping rhythm.
It also caused some little knots 
and fuzzes that I couldn't cover.
Thank goodness no one uses our front door so it 
can be admired from afar.
I did however fall back in love with felt when I made these flowers. 
They remind me of gardenias.

It is definitely un-epic, and I am okay with that.
Just like I am okay with never making another one again and okay with never wearing jeggings.
Did I mention I will probably never make another yarn wreath again?

NEXT time I want a yarn wreath I will be hitting up these ladies:

Seriously. I am not making one ever again.