Thursday, June 16, 2011

flowers, 32, and sleep

Yesterday, while waiting for paint to dry {literally} I started working on this.
I was working on a painting like this for Alison and I decided I need to make one with different layers of colors. I am in love. I think I will make one in every shade of the rainbow... or at least in blue, coral, green... you get the picture.

Speaking of Alison,
Happy 32nd Birthday to my dear friend {she said her age on her blog, don't worry}.

Go tell Alison Happy Birthday and check out the amazing birthday week giveaways she is having!
Alison, I may just call you up and sing Happy Birthday to you.

And sleep:
Well, Jack sleeping in his crib all night did not happen again on Tuesday night or last night.
I am not giving up, but I am also not going to be a crazy person who doesn't sleep.
I am glad to know I am not alone in the adventures of children with sleep interruptions/problems.
Your comments were so encouraging.

Happy Thursday!


  1. love the new flower! The yellow is so happy and you're right it would look great in coral, blues, greens :)
    Hang in there with Jack's sleeping habits...

  2. the flower is pretty! will the center be white or yellow or another color?

  3. i love the flower painting. i think i need one is it in the shop?

  4. Oooh, the flower is so pretty! Bummer about Jack's sleeping - you'll (we'll) get there!

  5. I'm just now seeing this! You are too sweet! Also, I appreciate the fact that you did call me up and sing to me, but it would be nice if you had finished the song ;)

  6. LOOOOVE the flowers. LOVE! And, feel free to email vent to me anytime about sleep - I *so* get it.


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