Thursday, June 9, 2011

home is where...

...your junk is.

Since Sunday we have been purging our house of things we don't need or use. Also known as junk.
Now we have a shed full of junk to sell to other people, but I am still debating whether I actually want to go through the trouble of having a yard sale or just donate everything.
We'll see.

A few of the things I threw out or put in the yard sale pile are:
- unopened Halloween cups, plates, & napkins I purchased on clearance from after Halloween 2007. You know, you never know when you might need to throw a Halloween party.
- two parking permits from high school. I graduated in 2000. Why do I need these in my "keepsake" box?
- two tummy time mats (one barely used and the other unused). We all know they don't need a mat and after the first child you don't stress out about tummy time. Right?

Some things I kept:
-all the love notes and cards Mr.Wonderful and I wrote to one another. You read The Notebook. No?
Well I did.
- a pillow case I cross-stitched back in um, elementary school, that I turned into hoop art. Once I finish my wall o'art I will show it to you. It will hang near our little felt embroidered house pictured above.
- an old sake decanter and matching glasses I purchased from an antique/thrift store. We don't drink sake regularly. I actually bought it because I thought it was a wine decanter. It looks neat and collects dust nicely.

Home is where your heart and your junk is indeed.
Do you get rid of stuff? Sell it, donate it, other?
Do you want to come by my stuff?


  1. I feel like we constantly have stuff to get rid of, normally it goes to goodwill, sometimes craigslist to try to make a buck. Crazy how much stuff we collect!!!

  2. Whooohooo!! I'm commenting on your page! :) So I'll say it again... you made me laugh with the dust comment, and I love your little house hoop art!

  3. there is ALWAYS so much to get rid of. BLEH... we just moved (we down sized) because we came to the realization that the more space you have the more junk you store. NOT GOOD. you should see my garage. it's our weekend project! good will here we come. wanna come help? PLEASE!

  4. Hooray for getting rid of junk! It feels so good. Yard sales are great for the extra ca$h, but the headache of it sometimes makes it feel not worth it. Love that little felt house hoop art! I'm working on a "wall o art", too. I need a can of white spray paint before I can get any further with it. Can't wait to see yours!

    ps. yay for picking up weights!

  5. We're big on donating around here... and with an upcoming move [eventually] we've been doing that A LOT. And... if it makes you feel any better, I still have a cross stitch from high school in progress...

  6. i have too much junk and need to get rid of some of it. i am just too lazy after a busy week at work. i need to get to it though. and your hoop art is awesome:)

  7. every once in a while we clean out the closets and junk drawers and have a yard sale; anything that's not sold gets thrown in the back of the car and taken to Goodwill!

  8. I love that cute little house hoop art! LOVE IT :)
    Scott loves to go through the house from time to time and get rid of things. Lots of things. Mostly he does it when I'm not home so I can't stop him, and then he won't tell me what all he threw (or gave) away. He says if I don't even notice something is gone, then it wasn't important. God only knows what he has gotten rid of that I'm gonna need one day.


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