Tuesday, June 21, 2011

this is what happens when I get excited

The result of my excitement and my children taking naps:
1. laundry left unfolded
2. vanilla wafers left open on the table
3. bubble gun left on the table (out of reach of little people)
4. - 9. working on too many paintings at once

When I get excited, and I ideas start bouncing around in my head I tend to start a new painting before I finish the other four.

Thankfully, Mr.Wonderful bought me a sketch book for my birthday (back in March). He has asked me time after time when I was going to use it.
Finally this morning I decided all the ideas needed a place to live that was not in the form of an unfinished painting on my kitchen wall.

I am still excited, but now I am 1/9 more organized.
Oh, and I am very pleased to announce I have finished three flower paintings {yellows, corals, and blues}, and during nap time today I will be listing them in the shop. Or that's the plan.