Monday, June 27, 2011

where my heart is

Saturday Jack turned 11 months old.
For us that means two things:
1.) In a month we will celebrate his first birthday.
2.) In a little over a month we will have another appointment with Jack's cardiologist.

For those of you who might not know, Jack was born with two heart defects.
At his one month check-up a heart murmur was detected which led to seeing a specialist.
When Jack was two months old we found out he has an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD - the heart murmur) and Pulmonary Valve Stenosis (PVS). 
At Jack's last appointment (at 6 months) the "numbers" from Jack's tests were not improving. The doctor said there were two things that could be occurring:  the PVS could be getting worse or the PVS could be staying the same but it's hard to determine how well the blood is flowing out of the heart because of the ASD (hole).

Confused yet?

Right after that news the doctor mentioned heart surgery.
He said it was something he wanted to prepare me for, just in case when we go back for his next set of tests and they find the PVS is getting worse.
Usually with something like this I would have broken down into a sobbing-with-snot-and-all kind of cry.
I didn't cry, though. Probably due to lack of sleep and the grace of God.

So anyway. Here we are, very close to another appointment.
I have started thinking about it a lot -
like every time I feel Jack's heart beating (it beats fast, not like a normal heart beat),
or when I paint hearts,
or just when I think about him turning a year old.

I am not stressed out about it. I just think about it.

So with it on my mind {and heart} I am going to be taking a little shop vacation.
The shop will still be open, and I will still be painting, but I am not going to be accepting any custom requests OR State Love orders for at least the month of July. I have already started a list for those who have contacted me with interest of ordering one, so if you would like to reserve a spot please let me know ( at gmail dot com).

Thank you in advance for understanding, and as always, thank you for your prayers and encouragement.