Monday, August 15, 2011

♥ I heart art ♥ Julie - Mosaic Madness

Meet Julie Galvin Weilbacher, the artist behind the whimsical mosaic of Mosaic Madness.
Since 1998 Julie has been creating mosaics for 
home, garden, wedding, and life. 

When did you first begin creating art?
For as long as I can remember, I have loved and embraced being creative. My love affair started with crayons. Oh how I loved to color (and still do!). I would make art when I was much younger -- needlepoint, cross-stitch, tie-dye, etc. -- and would send it with my Mom each morning so she could sell it to her friends at work. They were some of my best customers! But it wasn't until just after I graduated from college that I began seriously pursuing art. Incidentally, art wasn't my major! I grew up with my Dad's mosaic artwork from when he was in college, and was always intrigued by the colors and materials he used. So I took a mosaic class and was immediately hooked. It was more like instantaneous. I would daydream about projects while I was working in corporate America, and couldn't wait to get home each night to make more art.

What is your favorite/most sentimental creation you have made? Why?
I have 2 sentimental favorites. The first is a full-size wedding cake I made for my wedding. I'm an advertising/magazine publishing ex-Alum, so I had the cake photographed so we could use it as the *logo* for all of our wedding stationary pieces. The cake was on display at the reception and people were having their pictures taken with it. What a compliment!

My 2nd favorite is a sheep mosaic I made for my son just before he was born. His nursery is sheep-themed and I had the idea to use white mug/cup handles as the curls of the sheep's wool.

Is there a project you've always dreamed of creating? What would it be?
One day I would love to make some large mosaic pieces for outdoors, the garden in particular. I love to garden and think it would be fun to have some over-scale, whimsical pieces keeping me company while they shimmer in the sun.

Click on each image to view more of Julie's wonderful work from her site and Etsy shop.
You can also connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.
Thanks for sharing with us Julie.
I ♥ your art.