Wednesday, August 10, 2011

in the kitchen {you know what I like}

My kitchen needs a face-lift.  
I have the perfect color paint picked out for the walls, 
and these fun things would be great additions.
#5 is beautifully said, and there is a sweet story behind it.
I think it would be special painted on a canvas;
 I know what I will be making soon.

Do you like your kitchen? Or does yours need a makeover too?

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  1. So lovely! I just love the quote too :) Pops of red in the kitchen are fun!

  2. I love all of these. Especially those coffee pots! I've been thinking about the design & color scheme for my new kitchen. All of these picks would go really well with stuff I already own. You & I must think alike. We should become friends.

  3. #5 is true! And so is #1 -- and there's no clock on there because it's always coffee-o-clock, right? I also like the "eat" sign, because when Sweet Pea is hungry, he always just says, "eat?" (when he is very hungry he says, "EEEAT!")

  4. What you like is so fun! Those bowls are so sweet, I have had that equivalents chart taped to the inside of my spice cabinet for a few years now - I refer to it quite often - I love it!, and that #5 saying is so true - I especially feel that way about the recipes passed down to me from my gma :) My kitchen SO needs a makeover. We're hoping later on this year we can tackle those horrible red cabinets. I'll be spending LOTS of time with my sander...

  5. oooh love all your picks.

    also, it's coffee o'clock nearly every hour of the day in my life.

    i need an intervention.

  6. Love it all! I would love a cute kitchen. It's always just covered with Jude's stuff and junk mail.

  7. You have some seriously great picks here! Love the colors. I don't think I could pick a favorite.

  8. Love these choices! Can't wait to see the finished project =)


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