Friday, August 5, 2011

InstaFriday 7/30 - 8/5

day trip to Zoo Atlanta
[We scored free tickets through our public library and
took the boys to the zoo for the first time.
Charlie was in elephant and panda heaven. Jack was clearly just along for the ride.]

shhhhh there is a monster at the end of this book

someone thinks he's big stuff riding on the fire engine

swing batter, batter

we have a climber

sneaking in some painting while the boys napped at the same time 
[a rare occurrence]

ice cream for lunch, just because
[I feel like I am always saying no - no you can't climb on the table, no you can't eat the dirt, no you can't color on the walls.
Yesterday it was nice to say yes to something, and he still ate his sandwich afterwards, and if he hadn't the world would not have ended.]

speaking of food, we are playing more with our food in hopes to encourage Charlie to eat a better variety
[ahem, things other than ice cream]

PS. my InstaGram ID is @paintmeapic. Say hey if you are on IG.


  1. Your blog is adorable!! I'm a brand new follower! :)

  2. I've, clearly, been MIA for a long while - love all these pictures! I've missed catching up with all my favorite blogs, but I'm here briefly, for a moment, so that counts for something, right?! It looks like you guys have been having quite a delightful summer! The smiles on your boys' faces speak volumes :)

  3. Playing catch up and loving the photos - and the lunch creativity!


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