Wednesday, August 24, 2011

smiles {you know what I like}

Things I like:
1. crusty, wobbly smiles
2. blurry smiles because someone never sits still for me to take a picture
3. silly smiles
4. I am not going to look at the camera and smile

Things I am not sure I like:
1. 2. 3. 4. the buzz cuts... it did make it easier on me not having to cut hair all summer, but I miss their "pretty" hair
2. Charlie looks so much older


  1. So cuuute! I love his rubber boots ;-)

  2. So sweet! They're both looking older :) Love it!

  3. Sweet P loves his lawn mower and boots too. Wish we lived closer! :)

  4. How cute are those boots while he's mowing? Love it! Oh - and my hubby could NOT pull this look off!!!

  5. such cute, smiley boys!!!!! charlie DOES look so much older!!!!! :) i just gave my boys haircuts last night after not cutting it [except touch ups] since EASTER! i love the boys moppy, too! :)


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